Game Closure DevKit Plugin: TradeMob

This plugin allows you to collect analytics using the TradeMob toolkit. Both iOS and Android targets are supported.


Install the addon with basil install trademob.

Include it in the manifest.json file under the “addons” section for your game:

"addons": [

To use TradeMob tracking in your game, import the trademob object:

import plugins.trademob.tradeMob as tradeMob;

Then send individual track events like this:

tradeMob.track("myEvent", {
    "score": 999,
    "coins": 11,
    "isRandomParameter": true

Your events will be tracked as “always” events with action = event name, and a JSON string of the event data in the subId.

You can test for successful integration via the TradeMob website after successfully building and running your game on a network-connected device. Also check the console for helpful debug messages.

You should see console logs like this on iOS:

2013-07-11 19:14:43.593 mmp[1597:907] TrademobUniversalSDK: Successfully tracked custom event.

On Android you should see:

 $ adb logcat | grep -i trademob
E/JS      (14494): {tradeMob} track - success: UpgradePriceGroup subId= {"priceGroup":"B_CHEAPER"}
I/TMUniversalSDK(14494): Sending appstart event to Trademob System.
I/TMUniversalSDK(14494): Sending custom event to Trademob System.