Game Closure DevKit Plugin: SponsorPay

This plugin allows you to collect analytics using the SponsorPay toolkit. Both iOS and Android targets are supported.


Create a test application on the SponsorPay website for iOS or Android and copy down the App ID and Security Token.

Install the addon with basil install sponsorpay.

Include it in the manifest.json file under the “addons” section for your game:

"addons": [

To specify your game’s App ID and security token, edit the `manifest.json “android” and “ios” sections as shown below:

    "android": {
        "versionCode": 1,
        "icons": {
            "36": "resources/icons/android36.png",
            "48": "resources/icons/android48.png",
            "72": "resources/icons/android72.png",
            "96": "resources/icons/android96.png"
        "sponsorPayAppID": "15085",
        "sponsorPaySecurityToken": "3bd0293059760d7da1e957ea29e61211"
    "ios": {
        "bundleID": "mmp",
        "appleID": "568975017",
        "version": "1.0.3",
        "icons": {
            "57": "resources/images/promo/icon57.png",
            "72": "resources/images/promo/icon72.png",
            "114": "resources/images/promo/icon114.png",
            "144": "resources/images/promo/icon144.png"
        "sponsorPayAppID": "15085",
        "sponsorPaySecurityToken": "3bd0293059760d7da1e957ea29e61211"

Note that the manifest keys are case-sensitive.

Then you can edit your game JavaScript code to import the SponsorPay object:

import plugins.sponsorpay.sponsorPay as sponsorPay;

And use the showInterstitial method to show an ad: