Google V8


Google V8 is a high-performance JavaScript JIT compiler and execution engine. The Game Closure DevKit leverages this powerful engine to deliver realtime games on Android cellphones.

A lot has been written about how to develop efficient code to run on this engine. Please see our performance guide on this topic for considerations specific to the Game Closure DevKit, and for the best references on general performance with this engine.

To see how SpiderMonkey fits into the native stack on iOS, see the Native Stack Overview.

Game Closure Improvements

The V8 codebase is exceptionally well-suited for use on cellphones in realtime HTML5 games. So we have not had to make many modifications for use in the Game Closure Android engine.

Game Closure has contributed back to the V8 project to smooth out the remote JavaScript debugging process: See AppSpot code review issue 6230045 and 6305051.