The DevKit provides a cross-platform socket. Use it like this:

var HOST = '';
var PORT = 9999;

import gc.native.socketTransport as socketTransport;
this.sock = new socketTransport.Socket(HOST, PORT);

this.sock.onError = function(err) {
    logger.log('error: ' + err);
this.sock.onClose = function() {
this.sock.onConnect = function() {
    logger.log('connected to ' + HOST + ':' + PORT);
this.sock.onRead = function(data) {
    logger.log('received: ' + data);


The socket tries to connect to the server at HOST:PORT on initialization, and calls onConnect when the connection succeeds. The onClose callback fires when the connection is lost.


The socket comes with a reader with 3 modes: stream, json, and delimiter. It defaults to stream mode, which just passes all data along to the onRead handler. Change the read mode like this:


This line tells the reader to pass along JSON objects as they arrive. To use delimiter mode, do something like this:

this.sock.reader.setMode('delimiter', '\r\n');

That tells the reader to send data to the onRead handler line by line.


To send data up to the server, simply call socket.send, like so:

this.sock.send('hello, server!');

Error Handling

The socket passes all error messages to socket.onError (see example above).