Android Development Guide

This guide takes you through the entire process of developing for Android devices with the Game Closure DevKit.


The development cycle can be broken down into three stages, leading up to deployment on Google Play. Initially, all development is done with web tools and emulated devices.

Then Android building is encouraged to test and demo your game, with the help of remote debugging tools.

Finally your app is ready for deployment via Google Play.


The Game Closure DevKit setup guides will get you up and running as fast as possible.

Test App

With the Test App you can quickly iterate through changes to your game on a mobile device.


When you are ready to start building your game, the build guide will make the process smooth and showcase all of the powerful options available.

Remote Debugging

The integrated remote JavaScript debugging allows you to isolate and annihilate all the bugs.


There is a brief troubleshooting guide available here.


The Android native code can be modified in a reusable way by using the provided plugin system.