Help us make the Game Closure DevKit great! We depend on bug fixes, features, and other contributions from the open source community, so we have a structured process for contributing. Feel free to jump right into reporting and fixing bugs, but remember that we can’t use any of your contributions until you’ve signed the appropriate paperwork. The whole process should take you about 5-10 minutes total.

Contributor Process

  1. Sign a CLA electronically as a personal contributor.
  2. If you are using the DevKit as part of a company, you need to have an authorized representative sign the CCLA. Contact us to get a copy of the CCLA:
  3. Confirm that your name appears on the authorized contributors list, along with your company/employer.
  4. Submit any modifications to Game Closure in the form of a pull request through the official DevKit github repository. More information about git, github, and pull requests can be found on NOTE: If you sign a CLA and make any pull request, that contribution will always be governed by the CLA.

Contributor License Agreement (CLA)

The CLA is a structured agreement between you and Game Closure that allows us to accept your contributions. The core of the agreement is that:

  • You assign Game Closure ownership over your contributions
  • Game Closure grants you a license to your contributions
  • Game Closure agrees to consider releasing an exact or modified version of the contribution as a part of the mainline product, including our open source version.

Corporate Contributor License Agreement (CCLA)

The CCLA is a structured agreement between your employer/company and Game Closure that allows us to accept contributions on behalf of that company’s employees. In any of the following cases you must have a CCLA on record:

  • If your company/employer uses the DevKit
  • If you ever use any of the resources owned by your company/employer while making contributions
  • Your company/employer develops or publishes games or game technology.

Contact us to get a copy of the CCLA:

Contributions in conjunction with the Game Closure Free License (GCFL)

If you are releasing a game under the GCFL, you must submit any modifications, bugfixes, or features that you’ve added to the DevKit, including the toolset and core engine. The process for submitting these contributions back is identical to the standard CLA/CCLA process documented above.

Remember, it can take a few days or even a week to finalize all the details with submitting signed copies of the appropriate agreements, so make sure to try to get this done well before your release date or you may have to delay a launch.

Basic steps, as outlined in the GCFL:

  • Sign a CLA, and CCLA where appropriate, and email the signed copie(s) to
  • Confirm that you are on the authorized contributors list.
  • Send a pull request on github with your modifications. Please send one pull request for each logical contribution, don’t just lump all modifications into a single request.
  • As soon as you have sent the pull request, you have automatic approval to use those modifications under the GCFL.