Many Random TextView

Here we’ll create a header using some of the TextView positional options, then add many, many random letters scattered around the screen, each its own TextView.

import device;
import ui.TextView as TextView;

exports = Class(GC.Application, function () {
	this.initUI = function () {

Create the header bar.

		var title = new TextView({
			superview: this.view,
			autoSize: false,
			y: 20,
			height: 25,
			fontSize: 26,
			zIndex: 1,
			text: "Welcome to the TextView",
			color: "#000000",
			backgroundColor: "#FFFFFF",
			shadow: true,
			shadowColor: "#FFFFFF",
			verticalAlign: "top",
			textAlign: "left",
			verticalPadding: 5,
			horizontalPadding: 25

Create a lot of TextViews

		for (var i = 0; i < 1500; i++) {

Randomize the style properties of each TextView.

			var letter = new TextView({
				superview: this.view,
				text: Math.random().toString(36).substring(2, 3),
				color: "#FFF",
				opacity: Math.random(),
				fontSize: Math.random() * 36,
				x: Math.random() * device.width,
				y: Math.random() * device.height,
				width: Math.random() * 50,
				height: Math.random() * 50,
				r: Math.random() * (Math.PI * 2)

Place this in the Application.js file of your project and you should see something like the following screenshot. It should be noted that this is a static scene for the purpose of demonstrating TextView creation. If you tried to animate this many views at once on an actual mobile device, you may run into performance issues. many textviews screenshot