Class: ui.widget.Toast

Inherits from
  1. ui.ImageView
  2. ui.View
3. event.Emitter

Widget for showing toast notifications.



new Toast ([options])

Parameters : 1. options {object} * position {string} = 'bottom' —Where should this toast pop up? * images {object} = {} —What does your toast look like? Only define what you need. * debug {boolean} = false —If true, your toast gets a red background.

You can make a Toast with any of the following values for position: ‘top’, ‘topright’, ‘bottomright’, ‘bottom’, ‘bottomleft’, ‘topleft’. These are also the keys of the images object.

import ui.widget.Toast as Toast;

var toast = new Toast({
    superview: mainView,
    position: 'topright',
    images: {
        topright: 'resources/images/toaster.png'

setImages (images)

1. images {object} = {} —Object mapping positions to image urls.

Use this function to specify toast images to use in different positions.

    top: 'resources/images/top.png',
    bottom: 'resources/images/bottom.png',
    topright: 'resources/images/right.png',
    bottomright: 'resources/images/right.png',
    topleft: 'resources/images/left.png',
    bottomleft: 'resources/images/left.png'

setPosition (position)

1. position {string} = undefined —Where should this toast pop up?

Use this function to indicate where you want the toast to pop up.


pop (text, position)

  1. text {string} = undefined —What should this toast say?
2. position {string} = undefined —If defined, switch to this position.

Use this function to pop your toast onto the screen.